What Does Each Of AGlaze 6 Polymers Do?

The 6 polymers employed to make up the AGlaze Sealant formulation have been carefully selected and balanced to create maximum protection for the paintwork/GRP. Each polymer accomplishes a specific objective:

  1. Polymer 1 provides gloss and lowers surface energy three-dimensional matrix.
  2. Polymer 2 further lowers surface energy creating oil repellence.
  3. Polymer 3 creates an energy which makes the surface Hydrophobic/water repellent.
  4. Polymer 4, another unique polymer, is a UV absorber which re-emits UV as heat and light of longer wave lengths.
  5. Polymer 5 protects against fall out and acid rain.
  6. Polymer 6 is special organic oil providing a “flow” and self-healing process that helps to keep the protective surface level.

These 6 polymers are blended with an additional polymer stabilizer and formulated into a low viscosity solvent to give perfect surface coverage. It is important to note that Polymers 4 and 5 are proprietary. They are manufactured in Europe and do not appear on any public registry, nor are they available for sale in the United States.