Crystal Vision Automotive Pack

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Crystal Vision Automotive Pack


With all previous glass sealing products on the market, the use of your windscreen wiper blades eventually wears the seal away on the windscreen. To combat this problem AGlaze have formulated the Clearview Screen Wash and Glass Sealant, which when poured into the screen wash reservoir of your vehicle, tops up and reseals the windscreen every time you use your windscreen washers while also maintaining the same Anti-freeze and cleaning properties as normal screen wash.

Crystal Vision applied to the exterior glazing of a vehicle including headlight lens covers:
• Repels virtually all rain water
• Winter frost and ice are easily removed
• Summer sticky insect marks are easily removed
• Reduces rain watermarks
• Reduces the need to use your windscreen wipers by up to 50% by repelling falling rain.

Contains everything required to treat 1 vehicle:
• Crystal Glass Sealant Spray 1 x 55 ml
• Clearview Screen Wash & Sealant 1 x 100 ml,
• Application cloth
• Instructions

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