Aviation Consultants join the team

AGlaze is pleased to announce an agreement with Gryphon Aviation Partners who will now be acting as our Aviation Consultants to promote and assist with Aviation Glaze sales worldwide. Michael Bollom Chairman of AGlaze commented ” This is a great opportunity to move forward with our superior Aviation Paint Protection with Gryphon who have professional experience within the Commercial Aviation sector and the knowledge to move this forward during 2023. We welcome them on board and look forward to a successful relationship”. Matt Darge AGlaze Technical Director commented ” With the improvements made to our Aviation Paint Protection we can now increase the paint life on an aircraft as well as fuel saving capabilities, with Gryphon now working with us this can now benefit our future growth in this industry”. Mark German can be contacted on 44 7814 931167. The website which is under construction will be live soon to contain all the test information.

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