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WaterFREE Dry Wash Cleaning Pack

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Product Description

WaterFREE Dry Wash and Wax enables you to clean your vehicle without the need for using any water. No hosepipes or buckets are necessary. The WaterFREE, 3 part solution, grabs and encapsulates dirt particles and used in conjunction with the microfibre cloths, allows you to remove dirt without scratching the paintwork. With the dirt removed, buff away the haze to leave a brilliant glossy, waxed and water repellent finish.

Use regularly to prevent the build up of dirt and road grime. Used at regular intervals, dirt build up is minimized and car cleaning takes minutes.

1 Litre bottle cleans 6-8 cars

Pack includes:
1 Litre of WaterFREE Dry Wash and Wax
6 Pack of Microfibre Multipurpose cleaning cloths.

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