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  1. Active 3

    Active 3


    AGlaze Active 3 is a new multi-purpose, spray and wipe product which can be used to remove dried on bird droppings and insect marks without damaging the finish and without the need to re-polish the paintwork afterwards. It can also be used to improve the look, feel and gloss of any painted surface with minimum effort. Active 3 may also just be used as a quick detailer to remove fingermarks or wipe round door shuts, trimwork and wheels, etc, and is also suitable for cleaning up interior surfaces like dashboard, door cards, centre console and gear shift gaiter etc. 500ml Trigger spray Learn More
  2. Tyre Dressing

    Tyre Dressing


    Dull and stained tyres can ruin the look of your perfect finish. AGlaze Tyre Dressing cleans and restores weathered tyres. It leaves a long lasting, fade resistant, waterproof sheen. Apply one coat for a natural satin finish, for a deeper gloss, simply apply additional coats. 500ml Learn More
  3. Vinyl Dressing

    Vinyl Dressing


    Easy to use product for all vinyl and plastic trims. Wipe over trim work to clean and protect in one application. Dries streak free in less than 10 seconds leaving a subtle soft sheen. Restores and revives colour to faded trimwork. 500ml Learn More
  4. Paint Restorer

    Paint Restorer


    AGlaze Paint Restorer is a superfine polishing compound suitable for use on all car paint finishes before and after the AGlaze paint sealant has been applied. This product is suitable for restoring the gloss on faded paint finishes, removing fine surface scratches and marks left behind by bird droppings and insect residue, without damaging the AGlaze paint sealant. 500ml Learn More
  5. Glass Cleaner

    Glass Cleaner


    High performance, streak free cleaning for all glass and polycarbonate surfaces. Removes dirt from glass surfaces effortlessly leaving a clear finish without streaks or smears. Suitable for all glass cleaning around the home or in the car. 500ml Trigger spray Learn More
  6. Easy Finish

    Easy Finish


    Used as part of your regular washing process, Easy Finish will aid drying, reduce watermarking and help maintain the glossy, polished look of your paint finish. First wash you vehicle as normal and rinse thoroughly with clean water. While the car is still wet, spray a very light mist of Easy Finish over a few panels at a time and then dry with a microfibre drying cloth or synthetic flunky. Avaliable in the following sizes: 500ml Trigger Spray 750ml Trigger Spray Learn More

6 Item(s)

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