AGlaze is not a polish or a wax, it is a resin. When applied to a car it impregnates into the paint surface forming a protective barrier allowing dirt to rest on top of the glaze and not penetrate it or permanently stain the car. This makes cleaning easier. Rain or hosing down the car will assist with the removal of dust particles resting on the surface.

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Nanotechnology is defined as the manipulation of matter with at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers, where a nanometre is 1 / 1,000,000,000 m. AGlaze Paint Sealant products and maintenance products, with the exception of our cutting compound, all fall into the “Nano” scale and so yes AGlaze is nanotechnology…..but then so are thousands of other liquid chemical products. Many other companies seem to jump on the “Nanotech” buzzword to make products sound new, modern, and up to date, but the term Nanotechnology is nothing new and was first used in the mid 1970’s.

Our product performance is what is important to us and is what makes AGlaze stand out from the rest. So, we concentrate on improving our products and independent testing and avoid using the word Nanotechnology in everything, even though it applies, to avoid being banded together with so many other products.

Initially, the paintwork should feel silky smooth to the touch and repel sprayed on water. Water should bead on the surface.

Yes, although not necessary, the paintwork will only be enhanced further by a coat of wax or polish. Only use finishing waxes, speed detailers or fine polishes, never use cutting compounds or restorers. AGlaze Reflections and Active 3 have been specially formulated for this purpose.

AGlaze will protect against bird lime, salt water, acid rain, UV rays and the general pollutants in the atmosphere. AGlaze Crystal Vision Glass Sealant stops rain spots or salt water spots from forming on the windscreen whilst AGlaze Fabric Protector helps stop mildew growth as well as waterproof fabric. Please visit our on line shop to see all the protection products.

Always use a clean AGlaze drying towel or synthetic leather to dry your vehicle. Real leathers are not ideal for use on today’s softer paint finishes and can potentially cause swirl marks. AGlaze Paint Restorer and AGlaze Reflections will certainly improve the appearance of swirl marks and remove them completely if they are not too heavy.

Water spots are caused by dirt carried in the rain. As the rain water evaporates it leaves behind the dirt it was carrying, usually in the form of ring marks. These can normally be removed by simply washing and drying the vehicle. After washing any remaining marks can be removed with our Active 3 speed detailer.

Watermarks after car washing can easily be prevented by following a few simple rules: 1. Never wash your vehicle when the paintwork is hot or in direct sunlight in the summer time. 2. Never allow the water or car shampoo to dry onto the paintwork. 3. Always dry the vehicle after it has been thoroughly rinsed, using a synthetic flunky or microfibre drying towel. Also spraying a little bit of AGlaze Easy Finish over the car before you dry it, will aid drying and almost completely eliminate water marking.

Due to advances in technology and modern paint finishes, we have found that some marks after removal, leave a slight impression on the surface of the Glaze. It is best to leave the mark for 10-14 days, as over time the paint surface warms up and this tends to pull the mark out of the surface. AGlaze Paint Restorer and AGlaze Reflections lightly buffed into the surface will aid this process. Important Note: Bird droppings left on the surface can damage paint work. Quick removal is essential to ensure against marking. Get into the habit of checking your car daily. AGlaze will help protect against bird lime damage, by giving you an increased timescale of 72 hours to act.

No Problem at all. During the repair your specialist will need to rub down the damaged area and this will automatically remove the Glaze from the gelcoat/painted surface. After the repair has been done make sure that the affected area is re Glazed so as to protect the area concerned. A spirit wipe will also remove glaze with ease.

Once the repairs have been carried out you will need to purchase a repair kit which can be found in our online shop. 

Yes you can, by purchasing a Perfect Finish kit in our on line shop. 

Unfortunately no as our 5 year warranty only applies to new vehicles applied by our dealers. However if you have followed the application instructions on your Perfect Finish kit and wash only with water and our Wash N Shine Shampoo you will maintain the gloss and protection for a year.

We have a Canopy Cleaning kit in our on line shop which should remove all dirt and stains associated with mildew growth. As you will have reduced the fabric protection you will then need to apply from the kit our Fabric Protector which will replenish the waterproofing and with it containing Silver Ian will reduce the risk of mildew growth in the future.

No, we took the decision to service customers directly with advice and assistance in directing them to the correct product to solve an issue. Visit our on line shop and orders are generally despatched the same day.

Yes of course, all our products come with full application instructions and we are always here to help if you need further advise. Please see our contact details.

Yes we have many products for the Marine sector. Please click here for the Marine web site www.marineaglaze.com

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