AGlaze Sealant Advantages

Pure advantages of the AGlaze Paint Sealant

  • Protects today’s modern OEM paint finishes and GRP finishes.
  • Will extend paint life by 50% as well as increase life of GRP.
  • No waxing or any other form of polish is required post application.
  • AGlaze utilises state of the art polymer technology to protect without the use of waxes or silicones within its formulation.
  • AGlaze is a non-flowing product, as the 3D matrix does not melt with heat as occurs with all waxes.
  • 100% easy maintenance – just shampoo and rinse for an on-going showroom shine and surface protection.
  • AGlaze has no emulsifiers and is able to successfully blend with the surface unlike any type of wax, which simply dries on top of the surface.
  • AGlaze does not age or discolour as does a wax, but maintains the original colour of the paintwork for years and GRP with annual applications.