About Us

History of AGlaze

AGlaze Limited started out as Auto Chemical Holdings almost thirty years ago in a small industrial unit in Watton, Norfolk.

After taking on its first major Airline customer, British Airways, in 1998, The company was rebranded, taking the name of its flagship aviation based product “AGlaze” and became AGlaze Limited. It traded from its Norfolk base for another twenty years before relocating the operation to Sittingbourne in Kent in 2018.

AGlaze products are primarily aimed at the protection and maintenance of a wide range of surfaces from damage caused by the Sun, sea and a variety of other hostile environments. AGlaze surface protection is available for a wide range of surfaces including, but not limited to, painted, gel coat, powder coated and composite carbon fibre, glass, polycarbonate and stainless steel.


AGlaze provides both oil and water based solutions for protecting and maintaining all types of paint finish, vinyl wraps, glass, and alloy wheels in the automotive sector. Distributed in both the UK, Europe and a steadily growing US market, the protective coatings are guaranteed for up to five years with comprehensive insurance based warranties.


In aviation AGlaze provides effective protection for painted surfaces from the harmful effects of UV radiation at high altitude, as well as keeping the fuselage cleaner and smoother for longer between washes. This in turn promotes improvements in fuel efficiency and extended paint life on all aircraft types, from smaller private aircraft to fleets of commercial airliners. The product has been extensively tested in the real world environment and in the lab, in accelerated weathering and wind tunnel trials where the results speak for themselves.

AGlaze surface sealant has been tested to the latest Boeing and Airbus specifications and carries several manufacturer NTO’s and approvals. Moving forward AGlaze Limited has partnered with Gryphon Aviation Partners in order to bring the product to its full potential in commercial aviation and help the worlds airlines benefit from the reduced maintenance costs and increased fuel efficiency that using AGlaze surface protection can provide.

AGlaze is proud to be working with a number of Private Jet Companies around the world enhancing appearance of their fleet by protecting their paintwork.


AGlaze protection was introduced to the Marine sector 25 years ago as there was a need to protect marine painted and gel coat surfaces from the Sun and salt water. Extensive tests and trials were carried out in Florida with Scott Bader, a well known Gelcoat manufacturer, to test gloss retention after treatment with AGlaze. The results proved conclusively that AGlaze massively reduced the damage caused to a gel coat by the Suns UV radiation and reduced fading and chalking, a common problem in the marine environment. Many hotels in the Maldives use AGlaze sealants to protect their marine craft which ferry guests to and from resorts, enabling them to maintain a first class appearance at all times. The Marine sector has now grown dramatically over the years and branched out into the Superyacht division.


Fifteen years AGlaze was introduced to the Superyacht market with our partners RMP Prestige. Our sealants are used on painted hulls, glass, teak decking, and stainless steel to not only enhance the appearance but to maintain and protect these huge investments for their owners.

AGlaze continues improve and develop products for our clients and hope that you will become one of our many valued customers around the world.